Episode 4

Interview with Inventor of P-Shot, O-Shot, and Vampire Facelift

Published on: 9th November, 2020

This episode welcomes Dr. Charles Runels, who is a pioneer in the field of sexual health and wellness, and the inventor of The P-Shot® & O-Shot® Procedures, along with the Vampire Facelift—all of which Dr. O performs at Regenerative Medical lnstitute.

Dr. Runels started his medical career as an Emergency Room physician and after seeing a lifetime’s worth of illness, he decided to specialize in the areas of health and wellness. Tune in to hear his wealth of expertise and personal stories related to changing lives through the administration of the P-Shot, O-Shot, and Vampire Facelift.


00:30 - Welcoming Dr. Charles Runels to the show

01:25 - Dr. Runels begins sharing his personal career path and transition into sexual health

06:25 - These procedures truly address an individual's overall quality of life

13:30 - The goal of creating external beauty, with internal health

18:00 - Following the Vampire Facelift, Dr. Runels moved into developing the O-Shot

23:51 - Dr. Runels transition into helping men with the development of the P-Shot

28:45 - Give yourself permission to think about your sexuality as more then pleasure

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‘Ask Dr. Orbeck’ is where Dr. O addressed common questions that he receives from patients at his practice, Regenerative Medical Institute in Greenville, South Carolina.
‘Ask Dr. Orbeck’ is a monthly livestream where Dr. O
addresses common questions that he gets from patients at his practice, Regenerative Medical Institute in Greenville, South Carolina. At RMI, Dr. Orbeck specializes in the areas of metabolic and rejuvenation medicine, with emphasis on sexual wellness and intimacy, so that is what the questions will relate to and we hope these questions and answers help you if you’re considering a regenerative medical procedure for yourself. You can always visit RMI.LIVE for more information and to book a consultation.